SF3D Breaks 1500pts In XTU With 5.8GHz i7 4770K and ASRock Z87 OC Formula

Not even a week ago, we covered the news of AndreYang putting up the first big XTU result in our Intel® XTU Overclocking Challenge. At that point, the top score for XTU went up from 1425pts to 1480pts. Today - or yesterday depending on your timezone - that record was improved again. SF3D from Finland is the first to break through the 1500pts mark and set a new top score of 1514. He accomplished this using the latest ASRock Z87 OC Formula (BIOS L1.42D) and a Core i7 4770K clocked at 5.8GHz. With this score, SF3D takes the lead in the 4 Core Desktop section of the competition.

Well done! However, I expect to see numbers well over 1600 points by the end of the competition.

Ps: we also want to give a thumbs and congratulations to Der8auer for hitting the 400 mark with a dual core CPU. First to hit 400!

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