Big LAN OC Competition in Brescia, Italy (Jul 19-21) Featuring Five Major Italian OC Teams

We just received this interesting notification in my email. Next weekend, from July 19-21, Tecno Computer Italia and partners are organizing the "BIG LAN OC Contest" in Brescia. The overclocking teams featuring in the LN2 competition are amongst the top-10 best ranked in Italy. The list:

It is not entirely clear yet which benchmarks and platforms will be used for the OC Contest, but with MSI and Dimastech on the partner list we figure it's going to be a great competition. It is always nice to see overclocking competitions taking place at bigger events and hopefully the attending overclockers will have lots and lots of fun!


Italy pixy says:

MSI MPower Max
MSI 770 TwinFroz
Intel 4770K
G.SKILL F3-19200CL11D-8GBXLD RipjawsX DDR3-DDR3-2400 8Gb. KIT 2x4Gb
Banchetto Dismatech

Italy rsannino says:

Due to organizational problems, The HWlegend OC team doesn’t receive the invitation to the event. Considering the ranking of our OC team, we would have liked to take part to the contest, so we will come as guests, hoping to spend a nice day with our friends and amalgamate the Italian OC comunity.
See you soon

Italy Andrix85 says:

Yes Robi...We will see XtremeHardware...

Italy pixy says:

The Overclockers

BIG LAN OC Contest: it's time to sum up

The “Big Lan OC Contest”, organized by TecnoComputer Italia with the collaboration of MSI Italy, Dimastech and Nilox took place during the Big Lan Party of the 21th-22th July in Castegnato (Brescia – Italy) with the participation of five of the best Italian overclocking teams.
For two days the teams competed one against each other in a contest, trying to push every platform to its limit.
Soon the competition has given way to a sort of “spirit of sharing”; you could be able to see different clockers spending time on a single CPU or sharing LN2 each others to prevent bench stops.
The ambience has allowed to pass the days in a bit, between a benchmark and a talk with the audience (composed by a huge number of gamers, which flooded every 'clockers with tons of questions).
These two worlds, like gaming and overclocking, so far apart each other met up in a great event. These part was a great challenge for us, and we can say without any doubt that we passed it. And we are very proud.
A shared passion has allowed us to show a “strange and unknow world” to many people. We want to thank every single overclocker who spend even one single minutes explain our “hobby”. Thank you all guys, you're great!
What about the competition?
Every team used the same platform.
We used “first choice” hardware, 360 liter of LN2 was a delicious opportunities for everyone.
We had five Intel Core I7 4770K, five MSI Z87-MPower Max, G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-2400 8 GB (2x4) Ram Kit and the new MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 “Gaming Edition” OC.
The competition was composed by four benchmark, two meant to test CPUs and two for the VGAs.
Here is the list of the benchmark: Cinebench and wPrime 32M for 2D part, and Unigine Heaven plus 3DMark11 for 3D part.
As HWBot standard, every team has to took pictures and screenshot of every single score. With a paper form we've also take note of every single ranking shift.
First place of every benchmark granted 5 points, second 4 and so on.
At the end, PCBrain outperformed HWProject and NBCL by Tecnocomputer slightly.

Final Ranking:
1° Place: PCBrain – 16 points
2° Place: HWProject – 15 points
3° Place: NBCL by Tecnocomputer – 14 points
4° Place: Xtremehardware – 4 points
5° Place: The Overcloking Hole – 2 points

To PCBrain and HWProject goes our congratulations, and – thanks to our sponsors – these prizes:

For PCBrain, winner, 2 coupon from Nilox (50€ each) and 2 Dimastech “Easy” benchtable
For HWProject, close second, 2 Dimastech “Easy” benchtable

To every competitors, in according with AMD, a “Never Settle Reloaded” code was given. The “Never Settle Reloaded” bundle is composed by 3 games: Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon, Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

The prizegiving was handled by Pixy, NBCL former captain and organizer of the contest.

Our most grateful and heartfelt thanks goes to Tecnocomputer Italy, which has made possible this contest with an unique support.
We want to thank also out technical sponsor, also very important: Nilox, AMD, MSI and Dimastech responded enthusiastically and granted us the best support ever. Thank you very much.
Last but not least we want to spend few words about FISEV and Creativi Digitali. FISEV is the organizer of the lan party, they left us a first choice place for our contest and assured every single day about our situation. It's been a pleasure working with you guys. Creativi Digitali take care of the photo/video, following our days trying to be “invisible” , really professional.

Official video

Official photos

Friends photos

Friends videos

So, this is all folks. Thanks to everyone, these days was great and we enjoyed your company. We hope to reply as soon as possible!

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