UGP HWBoint Update Completed, Enabled WR Points For Wprime1024M

Just a small Sunday evening news updated to inform you that the UGP/GTPP point revision update, as announced on July 3, has been completed. We noticed that a couple of global rankings still had the original point scheme applied, but after a manual recalculation of those categories all global rankings should now be correct. That means that some users might have lost some points. In addition to the recalculation, we have also enabled WR Points for the Wprime 1024M benchmark. This should give the "server-guys" a little extra for setting the highest scores in this benchmark. We previously did the same for Cinebench R11.5.

We are currently looking into enabling WR Points for the Wprime 32M benchmark as well, but given that the record in that benchmark hasn't been broken in almost 3 years (read: not much competition) have not decided yet. Your opinion on this matter is highly appreciated, so feel free to let us know what you think in the forum!

For more information on the HWBoint revision, check out the forum thread: click.

Wish you a good week!

The HWBOT Staff.

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