XTU Top Score Set During Intel® XTU Overclocking Challenge

As you know, we announced the Intel® XTU Overclocking Challenge two days ago. When the competition launched, not even a day passed by or the top score for XTU had been broken. Taiwan based overclocker AndreYang put together a 6GHz Core i7 4770K based liquid nitrogen cooled system and increased the previous top score from 1425pts to 1480pts. Given that the difference between place 2 and 6 is only 25 points, this is a pretty significant lead. Nicely done!

We are hosting the overclocking challenge in partnership with Intel® to celebrate the launch of the XTU project. The competition consists of two parts: a desktop contest, and a mobile contest. To participate, download the Intel® XTU software application, install it on your Ivy Bridge or Haswell system, run the benchmark, and submit your score.!

Good luck to all contenders!

Link to the competition: click.

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