HWBOT Prime Benchmark Updated to V0.8.0, Submit Your Scores With Old Version Now!

As you already know from the previous news article, we are planning to upgrade the HWBOT code tomorrow afternoon (GMT+2). Together with the site code, we will also deploy a new version of the HWBOT Prime benchmark. The new version (v0.8.0) features a revised security module which we implemented after feedback from our trusted community.

As part of the security revision, we are require to patch the security module on-site. This will happen together with the other code upgrade tomorrow. Also, we will no longer support older versions of the benchmark after the patching. In other words, from tomorrow we will only support HWBOT Prime v0.8.0 and up. If you have benchmark scores with older versions you still want to submit, please do it before tomorrow's server update.

The new benchmark can already be downloaded here: link.

Thanks for your understanding!


Belgium Massman says:

Oh, by the way. You can not yet validate your score with V0.8.0 yet as it requires the patches we will install tomorrow.

Belgium Gamer says:

Is it just me?
I can't do anything with the download.

Belgium Massman says:

You should be able to save the score, but you cannot submit yet. Because the security module is updated, you will only be able to submit once we patch the server. Which is tomorrow afternoon.

Belgium Gamer says:

I mean, I can't see an .EXE file of something similar.

GENiEBEN says:

Gamer said: I mean, I can't see an .EXE file of something similar.

It's java, there is no .exe. Your system must have Java SDK installed (JRE) and then run the .jar file

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Thanks for the heads up. RUnning some stuff using the old one now :p

United Kingdom borandi says:

Can we get the option to manually input the number of threads please :)

Belgium richba5tard says:

http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOTPRIME-1 okay :)

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Why does the "save" button still say "open"?. It's also annoying that you have to watch where the box pops up, the default position is right above the score itself. Not sure how important that is, but sort of unnecessary having to move it around if you need it in the screenshot as well.

Belgium richba5tard says:

It's just the default file dialogue popup, I can probably tweak the name of the buttons. Not sure whether I can control the location of the popup though.

Netherlands hurricane28 says:

I still cannot verify my score with 0.8.0 when is that possible?

Belgium richba5tard says:

Not sure if I follow you, can you elaborate?

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