TeamAU Extreme OC Workshop In Cairns Australia - Wrestling Crocodiles, Riding Kangaroos and Breaking (XTU) Records at OCAU Meet 2013!

As the blogpost goes: "TeamAU, GIGABYTE and Corsair have joined forced to show off the latest Intel Z87 platform to some of the best overclockers in Australia. They’ve joined the yearly OCAU HWBOT team gathering up in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Cairns is in tropical part of Australia so even though it’s currently winter over there, the boys are wearing shorts and hitting the swimming pool. TeamAU is helping cool the climate however with ridiculous amounts of LN2 being used at the moment lol. Here are a few photos from the event which is currently under way."

Australian overclocker "Fatboynotsoslim" (what a crazy nickname) took the #1 spot in the Intel XTU rankings with 1411 points!


Belgium Massman says:

Crocodiles, huh?

United States Splave says:

Australia Yamunsa says:

special thanks goes to dino, sniper, pro, tim and garrath for joining us at our annual meet. it's with support from you guys that keeps oc strong in aus.

(hopefully ist's more than xtu that catches a drubbing at this years meet ;) )

Germany der8auer says:

Looks like a awesome event :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Darn no invite for pale belgians and germans ?

Great work lads !

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice event :)

United Kingdom Dualist says:

Strewth, there's even a Sheila there :D

Awesome venue guys, have fun.

Australia robbo2 says:

Been a lot of fun so far! Great to meet all the OCAU boys along with Pro, Dino and Sniper. Hopefully a lot more to come :D

France Xyala says:

We've posted some news about the event, including loads of pictures! First post (kinda general news): Workshop post (with pictures of day 1,2 and 3): and also more pictures on our Facebook page :) Big thanks to OCAU for the invite, this is a great event! And thanks to Gigabyte and Dino the support :)


Dualist said: Strewth, there's even a Sheila there :D

Awesome venue guys, have fun.


France Xyala says:

Added a few more pictures into the gallery on our post (including some of yesterday night out in town)

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