Future Intel Core Processors Ivy Bridge-E i7 4820K, i7 Core i7 4930K and i7 4960X Slated for September Launch

Just found this neat bit of information while browing the German Hardwareluxx website. Apparently, the next generation X79 processors will be launched early September. Originally, people assumed they would be be launched somewhere in October similar to Gulftown. According to Hardwaredeluxx who published this internal Intel document, the new high-end chips will be launched at IDF San Francisco.

In any case, if Ivy Bridge-E is as overclockable as Ivy Bridge, it will be a really interesting platform for 3D benchmarking!

Source: http://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/news/hardware/prozessoren/26766-ivy-bridge-e-kommt-anfang-september.html

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