Future Intel Core Processors Ivy Bridge-E i7 4820K, i7 Core i7 4930K and i7 4960X Slated for September Launch

Just found this neat bit of information while browing the German Hardwareluxx website. Apparently, the next generation X79 processors will be launched early September. Originally, people assumed they would be be launched somewhere in October similar to Gulftown. According to Hardwaredeluxx who published this internal Intel document, the new high-end chips will be launched at IDF San Francisco.

In any case, if Ivy Bridge-E is as overclockable as Ivy Bridge, it will be a really interesting platform for 3D benchmarking!

Source: http://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/news/hardware/prozessoren/26766-ivy-bridge-e-kommt-anfang-september.html


Belgium Massman says:

Ready? :D

United Kingdom borandi says:

An intel launch earlier than expected??!?

United Kingdom borandi says:

Actually the salient point there is the 'i7-4820K' processor. Here's hoping is a 6-core unlocked part for US$350.

Belgium Massman says:

Core i7 4820K would be 4-core, I assume? http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i7/Intel-Core%20i7-4820K.html

United Kingdom borandi says:

Darn. That's one way to shoot yourself in the foot. We need a 6-core unlocked SKU, even if it's only 3 GHz stock. The i7-920 wasn't good at stock clocks compared to the 980X, but it played nicely.

Denmark zzolio says:

you have 4930K and 4960X there is 6 core unlocked

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

It's "Ivy" core, so I hope that retails will match ES :) I don't want to skip also Ivy-E like Haswell platform... I heard Ivy-E overclocks memories much better than SB-E. Should be interesting and in fact not all vendors are going to release new boards for it (so far) ;)

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Why not just skip IB-E and go straight to H-E? It seems a bit weird that the high end parts are "one generation behind" the desktop chips...

United Kingdom borandi says:

Probably issues with Xeons?

Puerto Rico chispy says:

Cross fingers no cb or cbb on this new chips !

Italy RULE says:

are provided new x79 board?

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

All currect X79 will get Ivy-E support. EVGA is now launching EVGA X79 DARK which was designed for Ivy-E as well. I asked MSI and they are not planning new board for Haswell (not so far), so it's not a bad idea to keep our Big Bangs Xpowers ;) I heard that Asus Rampage 4 Extreme is good enough to max CPU, but there should be a new board from Asus which will be better for mem clocks ;)

Belgium Massman says:

borandi said: Probably issues with Xeons?

Maybe DDR4?

- SBE -> IVBE -> HWE (DDR4)
- SB -> IVB -> HSW -> BW (DDR4)

For mainstream there are three platforms with DDR3 since SB, for high-end only two. Makes sense SBE would be stretches as long as possible to have DDR4 launch for high-end and mainstream roughly in the same timeframe.

Croatia stasio says:

Hmm,seems upcoming 4960X coming with soldering IHS: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...%25E5%258B%2592

Germany der8auer says:

Now that would be great!

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