Reminder: Engineering Sample Submission Rules Still Apply for Haswell

A short newspost to serve as reminder that the rules regarding the usage of Engineering Sample CPUs still apply to Haswell. For both the XOC and EL rankings, the usage of engineering samples of the latest generation hardware (in this case, Haswell and Sandy Bridge-E) is disallowed. If you want to submit your benchmark result with an ES CPU for personal tracking, you can still do so by disabling the points for that benchmark result by ticking the "I do NOT want points for this submission"-box at the bottom of the benchmark submission page. Our dedicated moderating staff is going over the latest Haswell benchmark submissions and will remove points from any XOC/EL score. If you come across last-gen ES based benchmark submissions with points enabled, feel free to inform the staff.

By the way, points for submissions with Ivy Bridge based engineering sample hardware can now be enabled.

As a sidenote to the engineering sample story of Haswell you might want to read through the Haswell Q-Spec for Engineering Samples thread on our forums. It should give you more insight in the difference between engineering sample, qualification/media sample and retail product.

Happy clocking!

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