K|ngp|n (USA) Breaks 3DMark Vantage Performance Record With 'Only' Two GTX Titan GPUs: 85069 points

There used to be a time when 3DMark Vantage was the benchmark for multi-GPU setups. The more GPUs linked together, the highest the score. However, as it goes with all benchmarks, over time it became more and more CPU bound. Nowadays, turns out two GPUs are enough to break the all-time record and that's exactly what K|ngp|n figured as well.

With two GTX Titan cards clocked at 1800/1900MHz (impressive memory clock!) and an Intel Core i7 3930K at 5700MHz, the OC master from the USA scores a tad over 85,000 points. That is roughly 700 points higher than the previous record set by Brazil's Rbuass. With so far no one seemingly interested (or equiped?) to challenge K|ngp|n in the benchmark, it is quite possible we have not seen his best score yet as he usually has a couple of backup scores in his pocked.


For more information on the 3DMark Vantage Performance record, please refer to:

  • K|ngp|n's benchmark submission: click
  • Current WR hall of fame: click
  • World record history: click


Belgium Massman says:


Denmark zzolio says:

3GB Titan? nice

how much more can you OC when you only use 3GB

Brazil Rbuass says:

Titan is one level up. Also... KP helped... lol Awesome score

United States Bobnova says:

I want to see the card. BIOS disable of the other 3GB, or are the chips gone?

Canada Vinster says:

Great Score, but everyone seems amazed that only 2 GPU's did this... imo they should... cost twice as much, I'd expect twice the performance. Too bad it takes that much modding to the VGA to get this.

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