ASRock's Wonderboy NickShih Grabs Memory Clock WR During Computex 2013

Something all the attending overclockers will agree on is that Computex 2013 was a crazy event. A lot of overclocking, a lot of overclockers and even more records. The most interesting battle to follow was without any doubt the memory clock validation battle between GSKILL and TeamGroup on the memory side and ASRock, GIGABYTE and ASUS on the mainboard side. Haswell can hit high numbers ... really high numbers. We already saw DDR3-4000 a while back and the battle went on during Computex.

With the record first broken live at the GSKILL booth, NickShih just uploaded his best(?) result to HWBOT. The mini-ATX ASRock Z87M OC Formula pushed the record up to DDR3-4286. Crazy!

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