ASRock Live Report at COMPUTEX 2013

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 6, 2013 – The global leading motherboard manufacturer ASRock Inc. launched its latest products on June 6th at COMPUTEX Taipei 2013. ASRock's COO, LL Shiu, stated that "With a highly innovative spirit, ASRock topples the traditional motherboard industry and tries to combine daily life with motherboard's features, therefore we have created the A-Style features which includes Conformal Coating、Purity Sound™ 115dB、Home Cloud and 802.11ac WiFi+Wi-SD BOX."

Besides gaming competitions, overclocking shows are another can't-miss event at ASRock's booth. The world's top 3 overclockers including Nick Shih, Splave and John Lam displayed their skills yesterday. Nick Shih, who topped the Professional Overclockers League for 18 months straight, is no doubt a legendary Overclocker. Splave is the world's top Overclocker and a master in memory overclocking. John Lam is the founder of HKEP OC Lab and the Champion of 2013 ASRock Z77 OC COMPETITION. It was an intense performance with all three masters at the top of their game. Overclocking shows will continue until June 8th. Don't miss them!

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