Stummerwinter Takes WR Heaven DX11 - TeamAU Restores #1 Position With Backup Score

Aaah, the backup game ...

Earlier this weekend Stummerwinter from Germany topped Team.AU's previous Heaven DX11 number one score by twenty points with a Core i7 3770K at 6.5GHz and two Ares II graphics cards. Little did he know TeamAU still had a backup score from their secret OC session they attended a couple weeks ago. Less than twenty-four hours after Stummerwinter's new top score, they uploaded the backup result of 8434.13 DX11 Marks.

Luckily Stummerwinter's score is recorded in our WR database, so his name will always be on the list of Unigine Heaven DX11 records! Great overclocking both!


Belgium Massman says:

Nice :celebration:

Canada Vinster says:

Congrats on that, but it bugs me the way the game is being played now-a-days... if you have a kick-ass score, just submit it already.... Vin


i used to think that, but i think its cooler if scores go back, forward, back forward, more often, more fun to be part of and more fun to watch

Germany SoF says:

Sometimes it can be fun and even more addicting to hunt down the last backup... ;) Now we have 8500 broken by stummerwinter and the game goes on :)

Australia Jimba says:

think of it as a game of ping pong..:p

Australia Dinos22 says:

yeah what fun is it dropping a 9K score and then waiting for 6 months for someone to beat it

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