TiN Prepares GTX 780 For Extreme Overclocking With New EVGA Epower Classified

Over at the Kingpincooling forums, home of the two EVGA in-house overclockers TiN and K|npg|n, Chispy found a very interesting thread containing practically everything you need to know to prepare the GeForce GTX 780 for extreme overclocking. The process involves a new and updated version of the EVGA Epower Classified as well as a whole lot of "shrrr-shrrr". This is definitely not a guide for the weak-hearted people as modifying you card this way will void your warranty. Interesting nonetheless!

780 is in wild now, so we made something up here to have more fun with them. This guide is 100% applicable to bigger brother, TITAN as well, because both cards share same PCB from power delivery point of view, so for those who need - enjoy.

I'll skip regular vmods and other baby stuff in this guide, it was already posted on web, and for that new GTX780 is exactly same as Titan, so hold on, lets jump straight to serious stuff here.

One of most successful cards for using with zombie power was GTX 680. Relatively low power consumption and high performance was playing good together with added complexity of using external VRM. Desprite of voltage droop and not optimal current path that combo was still able to impress overclocking community by delivering over 1900MHz GPU clocks stable enough to break records in heavy 3D'11 benchmark. But now, with GK110 big brother we can say bye-bye to low power consumption. 7 billion of tiny mosfets dying from hunger, and we need to satisfy their needs if we want to get decent scores from card.

But in real world overclocking is not most important thing, so reference TITAN and GTX 780 are just good enough for their stock clocks and voltages, but nothing above. Few brave guys tried to prove that wrong, but were quickly taught 1000$ USD lesson of fried electronics.

So I had a clear task in front of me - we need some real stuff, something that can hold TITAN-class power drednought like a toy. And using experience we gained on GTX 580/680 CLASSIFIED designs, and my own observations on zombified GTX 580, GTX 590, GTX 680, GTX 690 with our good but now obsoleted 10-phase Volterra-based Untouchable I came up with digital-based IR VRM with 14-phases, just as our 680 CLASSIFIED VRM minus memory power and VGA-related stuff.

As I show later, I wanted to include few nice and useful features to make usage easier and better power delivery.

Link: http://kingpincooling.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2290


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