HWBOT V5.8.0/V5.9.0 Released: Integration of Simplified Chinese Language, League and Benchmark Timeline Features

It has been a while since the latest Revision 5 status update. The delay can mostly be explained by the well deserved vacation every developer had. Additionally, we also faced a delay with a couple of deep back-end code that refrained us from releasing the V5.8.0 and V5.9.0 revisions. One of the bugs we caught early on would delete the entire database. Woops!

Luckily, Frederik and Dennis worked through the bugs and everything is fully functional now. We are the most proud about the integration of the Simplified Chinese language of the site. Hopefuly, that will bring new overclockers from the east to this community. Also, we implemented the League History Timeline (example here) and the Benchmark Record Timeline (example here). Both timelines are still in their first revision and will be updated in the future. If you have requests or suggestions on what to improve, feel free to drop a message in the forum. Regarding the Benchmark Record Timeline: it speaks for itself that we can only automatically include records that were posted at HWBOT. As we are not in the business of re-writing history, we have dedicated a small part of our forum to OC Archeology. For more information, have a look at this news post: click.

In any case, we have begun working on V5.10.0 and will hopefuly release that version soon. Until then, enjoy this one!

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v5.8.0


  • [HWBOT-701] - Sample picture overlay where not appropriate
  • [HWBOT-966] - Checksum for AM3 submissions no longer visible
  • [HWBOT-1061] - Team points recalculate locks team table
  • [HWBOT-1062] - Pro OC member league not showing members who haven't made any submission in the current cup yet
  • [HWBOT-1065] - Caching sometimes fails because Key is too long
  • [HWBOT-1067] - Linking a submission to a Pro OC contest doesn't work
  • [HWBOT-1084] - league chart user detail throws nullpointerexception if user is in pro oc league but not in a team


  • [HWBOT-1026] - Make a pattern for striping MMX SSE etc and GPU driver number from keyword strings

Sub Task

  • [HWBOT-1033] - League Record Timeline
  • [HWBOT-1069] - Always show the poll, even if you cannot vote

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v5.9.0


  • [HWBOT-1024] - Long news item title not fully shown
  • [HWBOT-1064] - When a submission changes hw ranking, old ranking is not recalculated
  • [HWBOT-1075] - Pro OC Cup Team Partners logo not visible under IE, works with Chrome
  • [HWBOT-1076] - Can submit a Cinebench score without a screenshot.
  • [HWBOT-1080] - Verification link for top-20 global 3dmark mandatory - broken feature
  • [HWBOT-1082] - Small Ranking Bug in Hardware Masters
  • [HWBOT-1083] - Server issues
  • [HWBOT-1085] - Align forum join date with front page join date
  • [HWBOT-1105] - Competition tweet section is messed up


  • [HWBOT-822] - Ability to define a stage limitation on competition level instead of repeating the same limitation for each stage
  • [HWBOT-1066] - Pro OC frontpage ranking should be updated more often
  • [HWBOT-1074] - When clearing cache via admin console, also clear JPA cache
  • [HWBOT-1081] - Add memory type to memory benchmark rankings
  • [HWBOT-1088] - Add a contest-wide limitation: user can only participate in a single stage
  • [HWBOT-1091] - Improve Simplified Chinese Translations
  • [HWBOT-1098] - uncaught exception pages should have a 'bad request' http status code
  • [HWBOT-1102] - Make DDR3 the default selected memory type (instead of the current SDRAM)
  • [HWBOT-1103] - Add Google Plus icon to top right


  • [HWBOT-1060] - Enable LocaleFilter to support multilingual
  • [HWBOT-1092] - Install Asus competition skin

Sub Task

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