The Overclocker Magazine Issue 24: Knopflerbruce Interview, The History of Overclocking and Kingpin's View On Pro OC

Marvelous issue, this one. Great styling and very nice content, enjoy! Must read features of this issue:

  • Knopflerbruce Interview
  • Intel IDF Coverage
  • The History of Overclocking
  • Kingpin's Point of View on Pro OC

In this issue of TheOverclocker, we are feature-heavy leading up to Computex 2013 – which we’ll be covering in issue 25. For your reading pleasure we’ve toned down the reviews a little to give you more insightful editorial about the overclocking enterprise and all related technologies as a whole. We visited IDF in Beijing and brought you info from some of the best minds in the business. There’s literally too much for us to mention in this little blurb, so we’ll leave you to discover what else is in store for you. Until next time, do take care. – TheOverclocker Team


Belgium Massman says:

Click on the picture to open the magazine reader.

Pretty nice content and very strong styling. Great to see the magazine improves every issue again :)

Norway knopflerbruce says:

Best issue so far, I swear. :D

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Awesome Q&A there knut :thumbup: Cinebech dominators :D

GENiEBEN says:

What, COD better than BF? Un-friended :D

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

History of overclocking brought me mixed feelings - I love the theme, the VCO part was very nice. But the hardware part was weak, many mistakes - either the author doesn't know too much about hardware or simply is too young and what he was talking about happened before him.

Australia Dinos22 says:

which part are you referring to?

Australia Jimba says:

great issue! excellent interview with knut, though I wouldnt mind knowing you tips of balance of been a bencher/student..would be very handy..:D really enjoyed vinces editorial, great points in there overall a great who next on the interview list? pro? :P

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice interview Knut :) also few interesting words from Vince :)

K404 says:

Another good issue :D The interviews are always my favourite part.

United States sin0822 says:

nice job!

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Dinos22, I'm referring to the "brief history of overclocking". Right after the "How it works" and straight to the end. Numerous mistakes. Pentium Extreme edition didn't have a free multiplier on launch back in 2003. AMD K5 didn't start with PR ratings, they were implemented after AMD K5 100MHz starting with the newer second core IIRC. And so on...

United States Movieman says:

knopflerbruce said: Best issue so far, I swear.


Nice read..Oh, and you too..LOLOL

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