Interested In The History of Overclocking? Become HWBOT Archeologist!

Yesterday we deployed the features of the latest two development cycles on our production server. The HWBOT engine is therefore now at revision v5.9. Later today, we will publish the full list of features, bugs and tasks that made it into the v5.8 and v5.8 release. However, before that list, I would like to focus on a very specific new feature. One which I personally like very much!

One of the most interesting features we have implemented yesterday is the Benchmark Record Timeline. On this dynamic timeline, you can find all the records for each benchmark. For example, this is the PiFast timeline (click):

On the same page as the timeline, you can also find a table containing more detailed information on the benchmark records.

Pretty cool! But of course, there is an evident problem with any of these timeline charts. Following one of the main policies at HWBOT, we never manually added benchmark submissions to our database. If someone wanted a record on this site, that person had to submit the result him or herself. In addition, even though the HWBOT forum bots have been around since 2003-2004, our oldest benchmark submissions are from around 22 May 2006. On this day, all the data moved to a new server and the submission dates was changed. As a consequence of these two reasons, we have two problems:

  • 1) Some records are not in the database
  • 2) No data from before May 2006

I am very passionate about overclocking and would very much like to honor the past as much as I honor the present. Hence, I would like to see a timeline that reflects the actual evolution of overclocking records rather than limited to the HWBOT database. For that purposes, we have created a new status for submissions, the "legend"-status. In short, this status allows us to add historically relevant benchmark records without those affecting rankings or points. The benchmark results submitted as "legendary" will only appear in the timelines.

Finding these ancient records will take a lot of effort and time. For this purpose, we have created a new position in our HWBOT Staff called "HWBOT Archeologist". The Archeologist will be granted moderator rights to add and maintain legendary benchmark results and the timeline. If you are interested in this position, feel free to drop me (Massman) a private message or email.

Thank you for reading.

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