3DMark06 Rumba Rumble - Nacho_arroyo (AR) and Rbuass (BR) Going For 3DMark06 Top Score

As the Pro OC cup supports teams upto five overclockers, it allows for participants to focus on more than just the Pro OC ranking. As Rbuass and Nacho_arroyo seem to have done their part for their team, respectively United Overclockers and Kronos Pro OC, they have switched focus to different benchmarks. For some reason, both Latin American overclockers set their mind on the 3DMark06 single GPU record.

As Nacho_arroyo set a new top score on April 22 - breaking K|ng|n's seven month old record - with the GeForce GTX Titan on LN2 and a Core i7 3770K at 6589 MHz, he had no idea his record would only stand a day. Rbuass, from Brazil, managed to outscore Nacho the next day by a mere forty-one (41) points. Interesting tidbit: both thank Zotac for the hardware support. It seems like the company is pushing hard on the Latin American continent.

Good fight, both! Looking forward to see more from down South!

More information on the scores:

  • Rbuass' 51720 marks with GeForce GTX Titan at 1711/1822MHz: submission info
  • Nacho_arroyo's 51679 marks with GeForce GTX Titan at 987/1602MHz: submission info


Belgium Massman says:

Any reason why 3DMark06 is so popular in Latin America? :D

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Massman: my main reason about 06 is soo simple, it´s not need too much GPU power, off course if u have, better. As u and all know, the titan for Xtreme OC need Zombie, i dont have the stuff and the knowledge for that work, the 2nd think can be fixed killing some card to learn :) i think. Kind regards and congratulations to Ronaldo and the other guys, really Hardcore run.

Brazil Rbuass says:

IMHO Nacho is so far a great overclocker. Learned too fast... and is an honor to me to together him to Latin America Power. ;)

Argentina Sweet says:

Yep this is a good work from Nacho and Ronaldo, well I know that Nacho Like too much this benchmark, congratz "comrades" or better Masters of Latin América. :ws:
Btw. before toss a Titan burned in the trash, think of me :D

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Congrats :) This is a great show to see.


can Australia join this battle? or is it Latin America only? ;)

Brazil Rbuass says:

Not.. because Australia has 7 Ghz CPU and South America only 6.5.... lol

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