GIGABYTE OC Lab had its first visitors, world records broken! (update: video available)

You've heard about the grand opening of GIGABYTE's new OC Lab but there was one key ingredient missing, extreme overclockers and thousands of litres of LN2. I'm pleased to say I've been present at GIGABYTE HQ in the past week to tick that box and give you a snippet of days of great fun, and to top it off, some excellent records achieved. TeamAU (youngpro, sniperOz & dinos22) were among the overclockers to try the lab. Mad222 & KK from Hong Kong as well as a man machine from UK that goes by the name "8pack" gave the lab a go. Resident overclocker hicookie was on hand as well.

Can't have a lab looking too clean without any high end gear laying about so we got to work pretty fast with the GIGABYTE X79-UD7 and 4WAY GTX Titans and also Z77X-UP7.

Three top results:

More information and pictures:

//UPDATE// Dinos22 from Team.AU has uploaded his video of the week at the GIGABYTE HQ OC Lab. It features a glimpse of the 7.2GHz Core i7 3770K. Check it out!

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