Indonesian Jagatreview OC Team Teaches Overclocking Class at University

We all know or have heard about the Indonesian overclocking team from Jagatreview. Not only do they make a regular appearance at the big live overclocking competitions, they usually put up a great fight in the Country Cup and Team Cup. With Lucky_n00b as front man, the team has shown to be very capable and knowledgable in the field of overclocking. As part of their activities in Indonesia, the Jagatreview team often performs live demos at tradeshows or other events. On April 17th, four members of the team gave an overclocking class at the Binus university.

Again, from pictures scattered around Facebook we were able to figure out the names of the four members teaching this class: Richard Sutanto Slythz, Lucky_n00b, r0yal_flush and bboyjezz. You can find them from left to right in one of the pictures below. As part of the class, Lucky_n00b introduced the students to the world of HWBOT and included a "live performance" benchmark run for the Team Cup 2013. Not earth-shattering results, apparently, but enough for a couple of points. More information will probably follow in the next couple of days.

In any case, it looks like a lovely event. Great to see people spread the word!


Belgium Massman says:

Awesome! :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Great job lads, R E S PE C T !

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Yap :) I agree awesome job :) This is a big virtue of Asia region, people there are more open minded than in Europe in my opinion. The idea is simply great. Continue your mission! :)

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Thanks, friends :)
I'm glad that the university agreed to move the seminar from the small classroom to the large auditorium since the participants number was quite large (100 to 120-ish, initially we expected only about 20-30 people will join).

Still editing the video now, I'll keep you guys posted ;)

Greece crustytheclown says:

GREAT WORK guys... these events should become more often all around the world imo...

Indonesia hanny_chris says:

nice job Mr. Alva, as always... two thumbs

Australia Jimba says:

a Bachelor of computer science majoring in OC? :D :P

Canada Vinster says:

Jimba said: a Bachelor of computer science majoring in OC? :D :P

and Thermal Dynamics ;)


Indonesia Vinz-Imagine says:

Awesome :D . . .
Very cool @Binus University

Indonesia blackmoon66 says:

nice event in there..:D

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