GIGABYTE Inaugurates OC Lab With 'G-Powered' GTX Titan And Upcoming Platform!

Exactly five days ago we brought you the news of GIGABYTE officially opening their OC Lab. As it seems, the lab was ready right in time for the next "secret oc". The secret refers to the scores, apparently, as pictures on Facebook demonstrate, the gathering is not that secret. Although we do not have the exact details, it seems that the GIGABYTE OC Lab is currently the place to live, eat and sleep for a couple of top extreme overclockers. We all know Hicookie and Dinos22 are regular guests at the GIGABYTE HQ office as they both work for the company. Next, we have YoungPro and SniperOZ from Australia, Mad222 from Hong Kong and and 8Pack from United Kingdom.

As we mentioned already, the results of this overclocking session will remain a secret for at least another month and a half. Why? Well, it is an upcoming board! In one of the pictures below, you can see a GTX Titan mounted on what is supposed to be an upcoming OC board. Or, at least one of the OC boards as "Brix" hinted to multiple boards in an earlier blog post. In another picture, we see Youngpro showing a GIGABYTE version of the eVGA ePower, unofficially called the "G-Power". The PWM daughterboard features a 6-phase UP power design and will probably not make it to retail channel. It is just for in-house testing, in other words. With eVGA and GIGABYTE having their own freshly designed daughterboard and ASUS using the Matrix PMW to power the GTX Titan, we wonder how long it will take MSI to pair a GTX Titan with their Lightning PWM design.

Have fun boys! Enjoy the "magic" of the upcoming platform!

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