For HWBOT Members Attending Computex: HWBOT Computex Google Calendars!

A small news post heads-up for the HWBOT members that will be attending Computex 2013 in the beginning of June. Next to the HWBOT Taipei Easycards we've prepared (see screenshot below), we also added two Computex calendars to our information thread. The calendars are work-in-progress, so still being updated. They will contain information on:

  • Overclocking-related events
  • Arrival and departure times of overclockers

Feel free to add the two calendars to your personal smartphone as well as to inform us about other events and gatherings or your personal arrival and departure times. Especially the latter can be interesting if you're looking for fellow overclockers to travel from and back to the airport!

For more information, check out the Computex 2013 forum thread!


Australia Dinos22 says:

are you sure corsair show is going to run until 8pm?

Sweden elmor says:

dinos22 said: are you sure corsair show is going to run until 8pm?

It's 1pm-6pm, but yours is showing local aussie time.

Australia Dinos22 says:

i was thinking that too until jake told me it was showing 1-6pm to him and he's in US at the moment WTF LOL

Christian Ney says:

CN arrival : 31
CN departure: 11

Greece sofos1990 says:

Finally I will come with crustytheclown only. Gorillakos can't make it :( Arrival: 4 Departure: 14

Belgium Massman says:

Can you guys also post the hours? Otherwise it's not going to be possible to find someone to taxi to Taipei with. Ps: please post in the Computex thread :).

United States sin0822 says:

nice thanks

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