Intel Extreme Overclocking Workshop In Buenos Aires, Argentina On April 10

Together with the Argentinian extreme overclocking website Overclockear, Intel is hosting an extreme overclocking workshop in Buenos Aires for the fifth time now! The staff from Overclockear notified us (and the community) with news post on their website. Under the supervision of the experts over at Overclockear, Argentinian enthusiasts will get an introduction to extreme overclocking.

The news writer stresses that this is not an overclocking show, so you won't see any powerpoint slides or have to listen to lengthy presentations. It's just an opportunity to get started with extreme overclocking and learn how to insulate, control the temperature levels, adjust voltages, latencies and multipliers.

I'm not sure if it's still possible to register for the demo, but you can always ask! More info: here.

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