MSI Mpower OC Event Featuring Nedernakker, Leeghoofd and Takapah - Pictures + Video (Dutch)

If you follow us on Facebook you probably already saw a couple of shared picture albums of this event. For those who don't - the happy few - let me re-iterate. A couple of weeks ago, Nedernakker from the Dutch OTH overclocking team, Leeghoofd from the Madshrimps Belgian OC Team and Tapakah from Team OCX headed out to the Dutch computer shop CD-ROM-LAND. Overclockers familiar with the HWBOT user base will probably remember this shop from Viss' benchmark results. In the style of previous OC Academy's hosted by (or featuring) Madshrimps members, a bunch of customers got a small introduction to overclocking. The setup was centered around the MSI Z77 MPower motherboard, but also featured GeForce GTX 680 Lightnings and other high-end gear. In the midst of all this overclocking madness, Nedernakker showed off his near-6.7GHz Core i7 3770K and Tapakah his DDR3-2600+ CL6 liquid nitrogen cooled memory kit.

A short snippet from the event:

One of the objectives of the HWBOT Team Cup 2013 is to introduce our hardcore hobby to the masses. When MSI asked Madshrimps to attend an OverClock Academy, to promote their Z77 MPOWER mainboards, all systems were go. On the 21st of March we halted at the magnificent CDROMLAND shop located in the lovely Breda. Our goal was not to set new high scores, but to explain how overclocking works and to allow the gathered crowd to get into it themselves.

The Team Captain of OverClock Team Holland, Bauke Caspers aka Nedernakker was present to torture the Z77 MPOWER board under liquid nitrogen. MADSHRIMPS' usual binning method ( 5GHz boot and run SuperPi 32M ) seemed quite good as Nedernakker's CPU reached +/- 6700MHz. 3D was bench stable at +/-6400MHz. Just for info the CPU used performed a 5GHz straight boot into the OS. Plus completed the SuperPi 32M calculations at a mere 1.285Volts.

For more pictures:

For the Dutch visitors of this site, there's an extra! TeamHWW covered the event and posted a 16 minute video on their website including an interview with Nedernakker, Leeghoofd and two weird looking yet strangely interesting beardy hosts. Check it out!


Belgium Massman says:

Solid interview, well done!

More pictures over at Facebook (unless our friends will also post them here!)


Netherlands nedernakker says:

For the record, Tapakah's 2600 C6 was AIR cooled :)

Belgium Massman says:

Oh, great! Very nice interview, Bauke! Looking at the replies, seems like people want you on video more! :D

Netherlands nedernakker says:

Thank you, I'll be happy to do that. It's a nice way of getting people excited about overclocking. I have had very enthusiastic response about the event!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

So my interview sucks ? Bauke used the 580's PJ, the 680 card was the price :)

Netherlands nedernakker says:

You shouldn't complain Albrecht, you got to knife Dennis ;)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Been there done that, gets kinda boring after a while... too easy :p

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice event :)

TaPaKaH says:

oh ffs, why can't anyone write my nickname correctly? :D

by the way, here's the screenshot of the actual 1300c6 run :)

Sweden Calathea says:

Sam OCX said: oh ffs, why can't anyone write my nickname correctly? :D

by the way, here's the screenshot of the actual 1300c6 run :)

What the actual bunny. Where did you get this ram?

United States Splave says:

lol epic sam

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Amazing RAM-overclocking with air-cooling only! :woot:

Netherlands neliz says:

nedernakker said: You shouldn't complain Albrecht, you got to knife Dennis ;)


Ask Joost how many Knife kills the current ranking is .. MSI > OTH :p

Netherlands nedernakker says:

That's only because I don't play online anymore... else your back would look like my knife block in the kitchen

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Hard to knife Eric, he's always at some mountain top with his kiddo sniper rifle !

Netherlands rsnubje says:

I lost count Neliz, my bulletproof vest is also full of hail from your shotguns ;)

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