MSI MOA 2013 'No Limits' Website Up And Running - Cool Video Trailer Too!

As you could already read in the HWBOT forum thread, there will be sixth edition of the MSI MOA overclocking competition series this year. Not much details are available yet - will follow in the next couple of weeks - but MSI did already put up the website. The slogan for this year's MOA competition is "no limits". The website looks very slick, I must say, and the theme looks pretty good! On the webpage, you can currently only find a small introduction to the event and a cool trailer video.

The MSI Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) is hallowed battleground for global overclocking masters. Every year, MSI invites worldwide overclocking gurus through on-line or on-site qualifications for a high-tech showdown. Equipped with today’s most powerful computers, each invited master challenges the limit of their equipment with their excellent overclocking technique to win the honor of being crowned the worldwide overclocking master. These overclocking masters break world records under close watch of global media and fellow overclocking enthusiasts.

MSI has achieved notable milestones in the field of extreme overclocking. Apart from the players-focused annual MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) contest, many other overclocking events are also hosted on-line or on-site to break worldwide overclocking records. The globally watched MOA competition has become the flagship of these overclocking competition series. MSI would cooperate with HWBOT this year which is a known overclocking website. To respond the theme of “NO LIMITS” this year, we sincerely invite the extreme overclockers to participate the grand contest. Those who would be compete for the extreme overclocking without limits, and for global overclocking master.

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