Der8auer Releases New Fusion Rev3.1 - Features Different Colors And Free Flow Chamber Connection

Just like SF3D, Der8auer is releasing new line of CPU LN2 cooling gear. According to Der8auer, ".. the basic structure is pretty similar to the rev 3.0 but with some major improvements". All pots are 100% leak proof and tested with water, acetone, alcohol and LN2. A list of improvements is follows:

  • Higher copper part with more weight
  • Deeper structure and chamber connections
  • Smaler temperature hole (community wish )
  • New way of nickle plating with 7 times thinner layer for better heat transfer
  • Aluminium tops anodized in different colours
  • Aluminium mountings anodized in different colours
  • LT Edition with POM top and POM mounting for less condensation water and less weight. In addition you need less LN2 to cool down the pot
  • New backplate made of black POM
  • New packaging

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