SF3D Shows Innovative CPU Pot Mounting Mechanism - Forget What You Learned About Insulating!

As you know, EK Water Blocks and SF3D cooling are now cooperating on design and distribution of cooling gear. The first product of the cooperation will be a new CPU LN2 pot with a brand-new innovative mounting mechanism. In addition to the one-screw concept, this new mounting mechanism will also include all the necessary insulation so end-users will no longer have to use tissue, eraser or any other type of insulation material.

So far, the price is still unknown. Also there has been no confirmation on the exact mounting kits that will be included with the final product or if end-users will have to buy new mounting kits every time a new socket launches. Or what happens in case the insulation foam cracks. More information soon, keep you updated!


Bulgaria GunGod says:

Look nice but will it freeze with pot ?

Belgium Teemto says:

Looks very innovative. Could well be my nex Pot.

Spain Predator says:

that's a very cool idea :)

Eeky NoX says:

Can't wait to see the full installation :) Congratz Petri but, plz clean up the M5E ^^

Germany der8auer says:

GunGod said: Look nice but will it freeze with pot ?

Think so. Petri posted on facebook that he insulated the mounting itself with some armaflex. But let's wait until he posts his insulation guide.

France rusco says:

nice job

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