Pro OC News Flash - KPC Pro OC and United Overclockers head to head in Fire Strike Extreme

As the registration period for the Pro OC Cup slowly comes to an end - twelve days left! - the Pro OC Teams are starting to gear up for the competition. With well over two months left until the end of the first Cup, the KPC Pro OC and United Overclockers are already getting a first battle on in the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme stage. It was K|ngp|n who opened the stages on March 8 with a first serious, solid result of 7046 points. Eight days later, Rbuass from United Overclockers came close to beating KPC Pro OC's top dog, scoring a single point short of the 7K mark with his GTX Titan clocked at 1700/1787 MHz.

Today, Rbuass brought the United Overclockers team to the first place in the Fire Strike Extreme stage with a score of 7103. To achieve that result, he pushed his card to 1750/1833 MHz. Sadly enough, K|ngp|n did have a backup result up his sleeve and almost instantly submitted another top result. The leader in the Fire Strike Extreme stage now holds a score of 7208 points, sporting a system combining the raw power of a GTX Titan clocked at 1750/1900 MHz and a Core i7 3960X at 5.54 GHz.

We're looking forward to seeing how this battle unfolds and what other teams will get involved!


Belgium Massman says:

Go go go!! :D

United States Splave says:

vincey has backups for days man :)

Belgium Massman says:

Oh, does he now? :p

United States Splave says:

Yes! I mean maybe! I mean idk....

Brazil Rbuass says:

He must have... Also he has lots of skill and videocards... we will try with that card until the end... lol I believe my Titan has few days of life.

Greece OGS says:

Lets see the battle :)

Eeky NoX says:

Keep going on Ronaldo. We wanna see how Vince reacts :D Battle is on your side of Atlantic atmo... continue the show ;)

drajoao1991 says:

this hardware chenges need another category

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