Intel Reponds: (Some Of?) Tom's Hardware's Haswell Figures Are Not Correct

It didn't take long for an official Intel representative to comment on the leaked Haswell performance figures from the hardware tech site Tom's Hardware Guide. François Piednoel - we all know who he is - states in a Twitter conversation with Anandtech's Ian Cutress that the performance figures as posted in the THG Haswell review are not correct. As we already mentioned in our previous news post, we expected Intel to come out with this kind of public response as it seems to have become standard practice. Remember Sandy Bridge? Until the very last minute, enthusiasts were told not to believe any of the leaked performance reviews with ES silicon as the retail stepping would behave significantly different. Well, turned out it was not at all different.

In any case, it seems that Intel was not too happy with the article. Whether this will result in THG undergoing some kind of "punishment" is still a question. From first-hand information, we know that Intel might be looking for the culprits responsible for providing the CPU to Tom's Hardware. We use the "might" as sending an official email doesn't mean you're actually looking for the leak. Officially, Intel has to complain ...

As a final note to this short news post, maybe a tip for the Intel detectives. If you suspect a mainboard vendor to have leaked the CPU to THG, pay attention to the next Z87 motherboard round-up review. There might be a surprising golden Editor's Choice award ... *wink*

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