Schenckel Powered Zombified GTX Titan Helps Rbuass Bring 1x GPU Vantage Record To Brazil

It's quite clear now: the reference PCB of the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan is just not strong enough to push the Titan core to the maximum of its capabilities. It's a shame and some would even say a disgrace that Nvidia dares to release such a powerful GPU soldered on something so weak. In addition, disallowing any manufacturer to build their own custom version of the card makes it damn near impossible to get the most out of this USD $1000 graphics card. Yes, that's right: no Lightning, no Matrix, no Classified.

We've already seen the engineering wonders of the K|ngp|n/TiN team as well as AndreYang/Shamino. Today, our attention goes to the team from Brazil, formed by Rbuass and Schenckel Bros. With their own version of the GTX Titan zombie, they managed to take home the single GPU 3DMark Vantage record, outscoring K|ngp|n by 360 points. For that, the team from Brazil uses a Core i7 3960X clocked at 5.6GHz and a GTX Titan at 1750/1820 MHz. Nice work!

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