Revision 5 Feature - Frontpage Voting Tool

As the revision 5 development cycle is progressing, more and more new features are being added to the site. A new feature we've introduced with the latest engine update is the Frontpage Voting Tool. It's not a really a feature that needs much words to explain as the name is self-explanatory. Currently the tool is only visible in the sidebar to test out. You can find the poll on every page on HWBOT, located in the sidebar. In the future, we hope to have this feature evolve into a structure for community members, visitors as well as team captains to discuss and vote on new features and ideas. But, that might be for Rev6 only.

The voting tool allows us to create polls for specific user groups by adding parameters. The parameters currently include:

  • # submissions
  • League
  • Country/region
  • Points

We are currently testing the voting tool to see how effective it is compared to the forum polls. We are using the "Reconsider How Ties Receive Points" discussion as test. The poll requires you to have made one submission.

Feel free to vote and help us test the tool. If you have any suggestions or remarks, feel free to post them in the forums and we'll do what we can to address them!

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