Christan Ney One Step Closer To DDR2 Record - So Far 48 Sticks Tested!

A while back we already covered the news that Christian Ney was only one memory frequency record away from becoming the ultimate memory overclocker (well, he kind of already is). What is left, after obtaining every other memory record, is the DDR2 record currently in the hands of the Iranian overclocker Shahryar_NEO. Ages ago, he managed to the the memory clocked up to the magical figure of DDR2-1800. Definitely not an easy target.

But, Christian Ney is on it! In this forum post he is showing us the progress of his quest. No less than fourty-eight (48!) memory sticks have been tested so far, with a couple close to and even slightly over DDR2-1600. Looks like Shahryar Baran might be losing his DDR2 title soon. To be continued!

Find more detailed information in the forum thread: click

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