Shamino-esque Monster 4-Way Titan Rig Brings AndreYang Back Overall 3DMark11 Record

It took a while before the words of K|ngp|n became reality, but it finally happened! Combining a solid 4-Way GeForce GTX Titan system with an equally impressive Core i7 3970X clocked to 5.9GHz (yes, five point nine!), AndreYang and Shamino managed to push the 3DMark11 Performance record two thousand points higher than K|ngp|n's previous record. The graphics card are very heavily modified, zombified as some call it, with a Matrix PWM attached to the reference PCB. This shows once again that the GTX Titan will need a much better than reference design to really shine. A pity for a USD $1000 graphics card, to be honest.

In any case, sometimes one can only enjoy and drool over the system pictures. So, yeah, enjoy!

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