Job Opportunity: HWBOT looking for freelance web designer

As HWBOT is a relatively small and low-cost operation with only two dedicated full-time staff members, we often rely on freelance workforce to help out with tasks we do not have time or qualifications for. One of those tasks is web design. In the past, we have cooperated with a local Belgian web designer to not only give the site its new Rev4 look, but also provide customized competition skins and general input on the usability and flow of the site.

As we are planning a couple of web design related features in Rev5 and our usual web designer has a full schedule, we are looking for a someone to help out with the upcoming projects. We are looking for a professional web designer we can hire on a freelance basis, who has a general understanding of overclocking and the role of HWBOT in this world and is passionate about delivering the available content in the most comprehensive and appealing form possible.

If you are interested, feel free to drop an email at for more information.

The HWBOT staff.

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