Upcoming ASRock Z87 OC Formula For Haswell On Camera

Lab501, the lads from Romania that already "leaked" out information and pictures regarding the upcoming GIGABYTE Z87-OC motherboard, now also have shown the first glance of the new OC Formula from ASRock. The board, fully tweaked and tuned by Nick Shih, is called the Z87 OC Formula and will be the direct competitor for the Z87-OC from GIGABYTE. Not much more information was given regarding the technical aspects of the motherboard - we assume those are still under NDA - and only a teaser picture was posted on the front page.

Since ASRock is hosting an overclocking demonstration event at the CeBIT booth, featuring SF3D, Perica Barii and Nick Shih, we can safely assume that this board was tested behind closed doors. But, as with any other Haswell overclocking result, we will have to wait for that until Computex in June.

Oh, and in case you're still considering going to Taipei to see Computex, check out the thread we've got running on overclocking related activities at the tradeshow. Even though most of the plans are still under discussion, I can tell you that there will be a lot of overclocking stuff going on before, during and even after the Computex tradeshow! You can find the thread here: here

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