Defeating the Apocalypse at LAN ETS: AMD FX-8350 at 8027MHz!

Nice to see live overclocking at LAN events. Hope you guys had fun!

We are this week end in Montreal at the biggest LAN party in Canada (or Canuckistan as some might call it), we were involved with a mission of surviving the apocalypse and defeating the zombies… Our goal was to reach over 8GHz on a CPU to survive – Long story short, We did It!

Yesterday, on Day 2 of the LAN ETS we were explaining the advantages of overclocking and the basics of Extreme OC with the importance of insulation and testing the hardware step by step.

By the end of the day, in front of a captive audience of casual gamers, visitors and and volunters we finally broke the 8Ghz barrier with 8027Mhz on the AMD FX-8350 making it the 16th best score on this CPU according to HWBOT.

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