CL3P20 looking for fellow overclockers to enjoy small OC session (NCAL, USA)

CL3P20, member of the overclocking team, is hosting a small OC gathering on March 9. There are still two to three seats left for the event, so he's calling upon overclockers from the West Coast or Northern California to fill those spots. If you're interested, check out the forum thread at HWBOT or To anyone considering going, I can promise you small, local OC events are usually a blast!

More information:

  • Forum thread at HWBOT: click
  • Forum thread at click

Quote from the thread over at

After a long wait to brew the proper level of anticipation ... OCN and I will be hosting another private gathering for some of our West Coast members. A proper hardware list and attendance will be posted at the appropriate time. We will be torturing CPU's using the current revision OCN Marksman CPU Pot. Live-Stream will be ongoing for the duration of the event! March 9th - ~9am start for stream. (350L LN2)

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