Titan Takes Down 3DMark11 Record (with a bit of help from K|ngp|n)

It was obvious, inevitable and only a matter of time: the GeForce GTX Titan would take down the 3DMark11 Performance record. K|ngp|n, probably the only person on this planet who actually has four of these beastly cards, is not surprisingly the man who did it; tons of experience with Nvidia based graphics cards, a lab full of liquid nitrogen and the dedication and persistence of a teenage boy trying to get, ehr, a hug from a beautiful lady.

Combining the monster GPU configuratino with a Core i7 3930K at 5.7GHz, the counter stopped at 35210 points. Note that the cards are only clocked at 1.4GHz core frequency - something that makes us believe this man from Detroit has a couple of backups up his sleeve. In any case, this result is now the score to beat. Who takes up that challenge?

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