Next step for G80 Overclocking? (Or: awesome picture of delidded GPU)

With fifty hardware points for the number one in pretty much every single GeForce 8800 series hardware ranking, the G80 and derivative core based graphics card are quite interesting for the HWBOT OC League participants as well as the Hardware Masters. One of the biggest names in G80 overclocking is without any doubt UK-based K404. Not only has he been on top of the GeForce 8800 rankings for years now, which in itself is quite the achievement given the many new CPU releases affecting the 3D benchmark rankings, he has displayed and shared his extensive knowledge of G80 overclocking in the forums.

Today, he shows us the next step for G80 overclocking: delidding the IHS which, in contrary to popular belief, is not soldered to the IHS. Or, well, at least ... that's what I get from the very cryptic message K404 posted in the forums. In any case, I love to see those delidded core pictures and this is one of them. Naked, nice!

More information in the forum thread: click

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