3D Rumble from Russia - OCLab.ru sets new overall WR for 3DMark03 (without Titan!)

After seeing K|npg|n's dominating the 3D benchmark tables with the new GeForce GTX Titan graphics card (see newspost here), you would expect any new record to be done with the new king of the hill in VGA town. Well, that's not how the Russians think about it! Instead of using the Titan, they went for an equally impressive hardware combo featuring a rock solid Core i7 3770K clocked at 6.7GHz and two Radeon HD 7970 X2 Ares II graphics cards to set a new overall record in 3DMark03. The new record is 283017 points - almost sounds like Aquamark, doesn't it?

For more information, check out the submission page. Nice score!

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