GeForce GTX Titan Takes Control - Day 1, 10 Records.

It can not be called a surprise that K|ngp|n came up with a bunch of very strong numbers with the newly released Nvidia graphics card. After all, the now Taiwan-based USA overclocker has been working closely with Nvidia for a while now, both on product launches as well as extreme OC BIOS development and setting benchmark records. A couple of weeks ago, K|ngp|n flew out to Santa Clara where the Nvidia headquarters are located to do exactly that: set records and prepare the card for extreme overclocking. As the card just launched obviously it is not maxed out yet, but given it's the same architecture like the GeForce GTX 680, we can expect similar overclocking capabilities. That means close to 2GHz core frequency on the very best samples.

In the meantime, the card did take a whole bunch of records. Not yet overall records - it's still a bit too early for that - but I'm confident that once the 3- and 4-Way systems are being set up, those will follow as well. Nevertheless, here's a record launch day overview:

Ranking Score Hardware Benchmark Link


7046GeForce GTX Titan at 1763/1712 MHz3DMark Fire Strike Extremelink


13922GeForce GTX Titan at 1750/1712 MHz3DMark Fire Strikelink


20990GeForce GTX Titan at 1750/1700 MHz3DMark11 Performancelink


4352.8GeForce GTX Titan at 1685/1810 MHzUnigine Heaven Xtreme (DX11)link


64561GeForce GTX Titan at 1724/1670 MHz3DMark Vantage Performancelink


226891GeForce GTX Titan at 1730/1820 MHz3DMark03link


113942x GeForce GTX Titan at 1659/1827 MHz3DMark Fire Strike Extremelink


207702x GeForce GTX Titan at 1633/1801 MHz3DMark Fire Strikelink


293152x GeForce GTX Titan at 1685/1801 MHz3DMark11 Performancelink


828692x GeForce GTX Titan at 1685/1820 MHz3DMark Vantage Performancelink
For your information: GR = Global Record (highest per global class), WR = World Record (highest overall per benchmark).

Also, please enjoy this small advertisment featuring K|ngp|n, liquid nitrogen and a little bit of overclocking.


Belgium Massman says:


Philippines najiro says:

Go nvidia!

United States PROBN4LYFE says:


United States Redstorm3265 says:

Anyone can look like a hotshot if someone lends you some cards lol

United States Bobnova says:

It takes a bit more than that, did you look at the pictures? Free cards, LN2, epower, PSUs, pots, etc. and being paid to run 'em definitely helps, but it's far from the whole story.

Belgium Massman says:

Redstorm3265 said: Anyone can look like a hotshot if someone lends you some cards lol

Yup, I would be a hotshot too if someone would lend me the Red Bull F1 car! Unfair! :celebration:

Bulgaria GunGod says:


Slovenia tiborrr says:

Kingpin still got it, but I hate these new generation of hosts/narrators with overly hyped attitude ("wow", "oh my god", "crazy") when they treat their audience like they all have IQ under 80 and do not know how to change a lightbulb. They make otherwise great video look like a TV shopping channel commercial. It's not just this video, take a look at National Geographic or Discovery Channel and compare it with 10 years ago. These days we have survival shows with zombies, UFOs and similiar crap where everyone screams "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" run by similar hosts as the one in Vince's video above. If there is no sensationalism no one even watches it anymore. 'MERICA at it's worst and Europe as a close follower is not any better. [/rant off]

Netherlands rsnubje says:

In this video you see Quad SLI, but that's not even supposed to work, only triple. How's that working out?

Belgium Massman says:

I heard it's supposed to be working, but Nvidia is only promoting triple sli because they only sent out three cards to reviewers. K|ngp|n had a quad configuration up and running in the lab and it was working.

Germany der8auer says:

I'm just wondering whether nvidia will allow free voltage control on high end cards like the lightning or matrix. Will there even be these cards?

Slovenia tiborrr says:

It uses OnSemi IC, so a voltmod should be very simple.

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