Heads-up regarding the GeForce GTX Titan and ongoing HWBOT competitions

Just a small heads-up for the overclockers that are currently active in the ongoing HWBOT competitions. The new Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan graphics card, announced yesterday and released today, can not be used in the EKWB "CPU Capped 3DMark – The old and the new" or the MSI 3DMark Challenge. Both competitions have progressed too far now and given that the availability of the graphics card might not be optimal, it's unfair to allow them in the competition. Both EK Water Blocks and MSI informed us to disallow the Titan.

For both the GIGABYTE Year of the Snake Prize Draw, a lucky draw event for those using the CPU-Z OC version, and the HWBOT Team Cup 2013, still over sixty days left and mostly about older hardware, the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan can be used.

The competition pages have been updated accordingly to reflect the updated competition rules. Good luck all!

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