NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Final Specifications, Internal Benchmarks Revealed

This is going to be a beast. HWBOT database is prepared for destruction (by the k|ng?).

Specifications of NVIDIA's upcoming high-end graphics card, the GeForce GTX Titan, which were reported in the press over the last couple of weeks, are bang on target, according to a specs sheet leaked by 3DCenter.org, which is allegedly part of the card's press-deck. According to the specs sheet, the GTX Titan indeed features 2,688 out of the 2,880 CUDA cores present on the GK110 silicon, 6 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide memory interface, and draws power from a combination of 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe power connectors.

The GeForce GTX Titan core is clocked at 837 MHz, with a GPU Boost frequency of 876 MHz, and 6.00 GHz memory, churning out 288 GB/s of memory bandwidth. The chip features a single-precision floating-point performance figure of 4.5 TFLOP/s, and 1.3 TFLOP/s double-precision. Despite its hefty specs that include a 7.1 billion-transistor ASIC and 24 GDDR5 memory chips, NVIDIA rates the card's TDP at just 250W.

Next up, we have performance numbers by NVIDIA. In the first slide, we see the GTX Titan pitted against the GTX 680, in Crysis 3. The GTX Titan is shown to deliver about 29 percent higher frame-rates, while being a tiny bit quieter than the GTX 680.

In the second slide, we see three GeForce GTX Titans (3-way SLI) pitted against a pair of GeForce GTX 690 dual-GPU cards (quad-SLI). In every test, the Titan trio is shown to be faster than GTX 690 Quad-SLI. In Crysis 3, GTX Titan 3-way SLI is shown to be about 75 percent faster; 100 percent faster in Max Payne 3, 40 percent faster in TESV: Skyrim, and 95 percent faster in Far Cry 3. Why this comparison matters for NVIDIA is that if Titan does end up being a $1000 product, NVIDIA will have to sell three of them while offering something significantly better than GTX 690 quad-SLI.


Belgium Massman says:

Picked up a lot of interesting rumours about extreme overclocking as well. As far as the rumours go, Nvidia will provide support to the vga vendors to build cards designed for extreme overclocking. In exchanged for the information (and having the cards greenlighted), the vendors will have to give up warranty for the GPU on those cards.

I guess we'll know more tomorrow, though :D

Canada Vinster says:

that would be interesting, buying a GPU with a nice Copper Pot built right on it, then have the regular air cooler on the side... that would be sweet.

Germany der8auer says:

I hope Nvidia comes back properly to the extreme OC market. GTX 580 was just awesome!

K404 says:

"The crack" wasn't :( ...and neither was the LN2 consumption

United States Redmax says:

This is going to be an awesome card even if nVidia doesn't support full on overclocking. The downside will be cost but that is how they will justify allowing folks to overclock, just like with K/X edition processors.

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