Pixy Beats SF3D's Record-High APU Vantage, ASRock USD$1000 Bounty Up For Grabs!

In case you haven't been following up on the ASRock FM2 OC Competition, until February 4 overclockers worldwide have the opportunity to grab a USD$1000 cash bounty if a record is broken during the competition. A couple of days ago, Billy-the-kid from Portugal already came very close to breaking the 3DMark Vantage APU record, within 175pts, showing that the bounty is definitely possible.

A couple of days later, Finnish overclocker SF3D managed to actually break the record, held by OC-Wzz since October 19, setting the new top score to 10396 pts. Yesterday, Pixy from Italy managed even better! 10418 pts with an AMD A10-5800K clocked at 6000 MHz and the HD 7660D at 1583/1333 MHz. With Hazzan closing in as well, the last few days of the competition will prove to be very exciting and interesting.

Who will be #1 and grab the bounty? Looking forward to find out!

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