HWBOT v5.3.0/v5.4.0 Released: Data Mining API, New Pro OC Preparations and bugfixes

Last night we updated the HWBOT engine from v5.2.0 to v5.3.0 and directly also to v5.4.0. V5.3.0 includes mainly the features needed to enable support to get access to certain HWBOT data through our Data Mining API. A .PDF with more information can be found here: click. Version 5.4.0 is all about preparing the upcoming changes to the Pro OC League of which you can read through the details in this forum thread. The new Pro OC Cup is not yet ready for release as we're still developing a couple of additional features in the next release (v5.5.0). We also included a bunch of additional bugfixes that are included in the v5.5.0 release, but were already installed on the production server.

Again, a big thumbs up to Dennis and Frederik for all the hard work they are putting into the HWBOT development!

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v5.3.0


  • [HWBOT-918] - CPU-Z validation link (affects CPU frequency, memory frequency and reference clock)
  • [HWBOT-919] - Heaven DX11 disappeared from the benchmark list
  • [HWBOT-920] - Points history graph not functional
  • [HWBOT-921] - PCMark05 Challenge shows leading result in time format
  • [HWBOT-924] - Unigine Heaven screenshot + verification not saved
  • [HWBOT-925] - Subtest scores not visible for API submissions
  • [HWBOT-929] - Grouping hidden/visible benchmarks does not always work correctly
  • [HWBOT-933] - Child (or renamed) benchmark applications have incorrect UHP URL formatting
  • [HWBOT-936] - Query API for competitions: startBefore and startAfter parameter cannot be used together


  • [HWBOT-889] - Parent/child relation for benchmark applications


  • [HWBOT-893] - HWBOT API: JSON/XML for submissions
  • [HWBOT-894] - HWBOT API: JSON/XML for members
  • [HWBOT-895] - HWBOT API: JSON/XML for benchmark applications
  • [HWBOT-896] - HWBOT API: JSON/XML for competitions
  • [HWBOT-935] - HWBOT API: JSON/XML for rankings

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v5.4.0


  • [HWBOT-904] - Data API - enforce client version in url is identical to data file.
  • [HWBOT-928] - When grouping benchmarks, download/rules/website for specific applications are no longer shown
  • [HWBOT-938] - Submitting SuperPi score only shows 1 field for seconds instead of hour, min, sec field
  • [HWBOT-951] - Submit dropdown finetuning
  • [HWBOT-971] - Comments on frontpage not shown in forum thread


  • [HWBOT-945] - Upgrade Spring to 3.2
  • [HWBOT-956] - Load twitter feed in background so page load times don't suffer if there's no cached version
  • [HWBOT-961] - Add link to "You can request a one time nickname change in the forums."


  • [HWBOT-886] - Benchmark application status: hidden, beta, etc
  • [HWBOT-887] - News posts, info page, mail, etc for DATA API
  • [HWBOT-937] - Add support for json callback to API
  • [HWBOT-943] - Spike: cups for beta benchmarks
  • [HWBOT-944] - Spike: who can add benchmarks ~ what to do when the benchmark creator is not the owner
  • [HWBOT-949] - Install logos in sidebar

Sub Task

  • [HWBOT-820] - Track history of (competition) teams
  • [HWBOT-940] - Pro OC teams: ability to easily join Pro OC and create/join Pro OC teams
  • [HWBOT-946] - Score from API based CatZilla benchmark can be adjusted on site
  • [HWBOT-947] - API-based benchmark submission should not have screenshot requirement
  • [HWBOT-948] - Add cooling to data API

Release Notes - HWBOT - Additional releases


  • [HWBOT-923] - Unigine Heaven: validation screenshot and checksum not shown on submission page
  • [HWBOT-970] - Unmatched hardware error message inconsistency
  • [HWBOT-973] - HCE: ProcessorCore limitation bug
  • [HWBOT-976] - Some screenshots still missing, maybe add error message?
  • [HWBOT-977] - When editing a Unigine submission, the screenshot is no longer shown.
  • [HWBOT-979] - Some images are loaded unnecessary from db instead of cdn
  • [HWBOT-980] - Competition points incorrect for GBT Classic Challenge II
  • [HWBOT-981] - Possible to edit score of a submission
  • [HWBOT-986] - Submitting with a datafile sometimes overrides changes made by user


  • [HWBOT-972] - HCE: Processor exclusion limitation
  • [HWBOT-982] - Fix the results that lost attached screenshots after editting
  • [HWBOT-985] - Add apple-touch-icon logo for ios devices

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