Xtreme Addict's ASUS DCU II HD7970 LN2 Guide

Having recently won the GIGABYTE OC Winter Whiteout overclocking contest as well as set a new single GPU 3DMark11 record, Xtreme Addict clearly knows how to work his DCU-II HD 7970 graphics card. Instead of keeping all the tricks secret, as many people do nowadays, Xtreme Addict was so friendly to share his findings in a thread in the forums. If you're looking how to prepare your card for LN2, this is definitely a guide you want to read!

In short, here are the steps:

  • Resolder choke and capacitor from the front of PCB and solder it to the back of PCB
  • Use LN2 bios with unlocked clocks upto 2GHz. It has disabled software voltage control for GPUTweakIT and with forced 3D state. Download: link
  • Do Vgpu, Vmem and Vpll modifications
  • Use GPUTweakIT or Afterburner Extreme to set clock frequencies
  • Make sure to properly cool down the PWM!

For more information, check out the forum thread: ASUS DCU II HD7970 LN2 guide @ HWBOT forum.

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