HWBOT v5.1.0/v5.2.0 Released: API development and bugfixes

Yesterday the HWBOT team patch the HWBOT engine to v5.1.0 and afterwards to v5.2.0. The updates include mainly the improved API support and a bunch of bug fixes. We will provide more information and explanation on the API and how to use it in the forums in the next couple of days.

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v5.1.0 API


  • [HWBOT-881] - API: document the generic API
  • [HWBOT-883] - Generic format of binary package for API
  • [HWBOT-884] - DATA API: Hashing and encryption of binary package
  • [HWBOT-885] - DATA API: user interface to request and manage a benchmark application

Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v5.2.0 API


  • [HWBOT-909] - Application Registration - no way to enter encryption key on form


  • [HWBOT-899] - Application registration - very uninformative registration form
  • [HWBOT-900] - Application registration - split up create form in multiple steps
  • [HWBOT-902] - Application Registration - quick start info
  • [HWBOT-903] - Data API - user not informed when XML is not according to XSD. Maybe option flag "strict" a good idea.
  • [HWBOT-905] - Data API - User unfriendly "not logged in page" for anonymous submission. Popup box with option to register or continue anonymously is better.
  • [HWBOT-906] - Data API - cpu cooling is required on submission form, mark as red or with *
  • [HWBOT-907] - Provide automated tests for Generic Data API
  • [HWBOT-908] - Application Registration - no obvious way to find the page to edit your application settings
  • [HWBOT-913] - Benchmark API - Usage Agreement

Sub Task

Release Notes - HWBOT - Additional Fixes


  • [HWBOT-761] - No 'octo-socket' tab on CPU overview page
  • [HWBOT-706] - Enthusiast League member receives points for submission without picture
  • [HWBOT-867] - Not possible to post 2 comments without refreshing page
  • [HWBOT-869] - Performance statistics should be automatically updated
  • [HWBOT-871] - Achievement scheduledtasks are stressing the database for a very long time
  • [HWBOT-875] - Competition points and it's contribution to league points are unclear
  • [HWBOT-898] - User receives 2x points for 2 submissions
  • [HWBOT-917] - Annoying HTML code in comments posted on the forums

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