GIGABYTE rolls up a 962 ‘Gold Cup’ submissions at HWBOT in 2012

Cool! It would be pretty sweet to have some free give-aways for people that are not necessarily breaking World Records with super high-end hardware, but just getting top spots in their own class. Overclocking is after all more than just WR-hunting ...

So just out out curiosity, I went and had look at exactly how many overclockers are winning awards, specifically Gold Cup awards at HWBOT using our motherboards. Let’s just say the results were pretty damn impressive. In 2012, which of course isn’t quite over yet, exactly 962 1st place ranking hardware submissions – i.e. Gold Cup awards - on were made by from people using GIGABYTE motherboards. That’s not a total submissions number, nope. That’s just Gold Cup submissions! Unbelievable!

Here’s the permalink so you can check it out for yourself:

Gold Cups are awarded at HWBOT when a submission beats an existing highest score on a particular piece of hardware and a particular benchmark. Gold Cups are also league-agnostic, so Pros, enthusiasts and amateurs compete side by side.

As we move into 2013, we are seriously considering having monthly prize draws for these Gold Cup submissions that use GIGABYTE motherboards. I reckon it’d be a great way to give recognition to the hundreds of overclockers who might not be contenders for the heavyweight world records, but nonetheless, deserve recognition for their efforts. If you have any opinions on this, feel free to chime in below with comments.

Image source – Tony McCoy…. real Gold Cup legend in his own right. Not sure he can overclock hardware too well though.

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