CatZilla beta goes public - test it now!

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, CatZilla is a brand-new DirectX11 and OpenGL benchmark developed in Poland. Originally planned to be launched in November, the benchmark has seen a couple of delays. But since yesterday you can download a public beta and perhaps test the new benchmark yourself. Actually, no. You must test this new benchmark! I've been following up closely with the development of this benchmark and as far as I'm concerned this is the best alternative to the Futuremark benchmark series since Aquamark3 launched in 2003! Great graphics, awesome story, multiple subtest, 'awesome' in short.

By the way, as some of you might already know, we are working on direct integration with the CatZilla benchmark. This will allow you to submit your results to HWBOT as well as join CatZilla based HWBOT competitions. Catzilla will come to HWBOT, that's for sure, so you better gear up!

Download link:

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