Xtreme Addict and Perica_Barii win ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine

It was a busy weekend for live overclocking. Not only did Galaxy host their annual GPU Party OC Centest in China, which we reported about earlier this week, ASUS Russia also organised a live overclocking contest. Not in China, but in the Kiev CyberSport Arena in, well ehr, Kiev (Ukraine). The overclocking event involved a selection of "celebrity" invitees from around Europe and Russia and local teams selected through an online qualification session. The celebrity teams were: Aristidis/Matose, Perica_Barii/Xtreme Addict, SF3D/stummerwinter, Smoke and 12 Cyclone/T0lsty. The qualified teams from Russia and Ukraine consisted of mostly known overclockers: GUN'G'STAR/DeDaL, Diabolo80/Ananerbe, S_A_V/NeoForce, TerraRaptor/Ivan FCB, Major/PlaSMaN, Neyasit/Smetankin and Yannn/Highgertz.

Unlike the Galaxy GPU Party OC Contest, the competitors had to put their system through a combination of 2D and 3D benchmarks; one low-clock 5GHz SuperPI 32M challenge, full throttle PiFast and 3DMark11. Each stage was weighed using a similar system as MSI uses for their MOA contests, with 3DMark11 being the decisive factor being 40% of the score. The competition was centered around the Z77 platform as well as a HD 7970 Matrix Platinum graphics card.

It is kind of difficult to figure out what frequencies the competitors achieved, but it seems that the 3DMark11 scores varied between 16,000 and 17,000 points, roughly estimated 1600/1900 for the graphics card. PiFast-wise a lot of competitors reached the 10.60s mark (Aristidis and Matose even below 10.5s), indicating frequencies of around 6.7G. In the end, Xtreme Addict and Perica_barii won beating Aristidis and Matose. GUN'G'STAR and Dedal came in third. Congratulations!

For more information on the event, you can check the PurePC.pl report here or Google Translated version here. You might want to look around for other coverage too; HWBOT was not informed of anything related to the event, so it's quite a challenge to figure out more about the event.

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