HKEPC OC Lab wins the Galaxy GPU Party 2012 OC Contest in Wuhan, China!

If you're an overclocking living in Europe or USA it's quite likely that you have never heard of this overclocking competition hosted by one of the larger hardware vendors in China, Galaxy. Galaxy is sort-of known for its custom PCB designs, but as they mainly focus on the Chinese market very few of those cards actually make it to the Western overclockers. In Europe, Galaxy is actually selling products under the name of KFA².

Every year, since 2009(!), Galaxy has hosted their own overclocking competition under the name of Galaxy GPU Party. Two years ago, we reported on Hero beating NickShih in the final of the competition; this year we can inform you that the team of HKEPC OC Lab featuring Mad222 as captain and Stephenyeong, KkWong and an unknown overclocker named "Woods" as players won the competition. The contest, held in Wuhan, China, revolved around two benchmarks: 3DMark11 Extreme and 3DMark Vantage Performance. Gearing up with the ASRock Z77 OC Formula, an Intel Core i7 3770K CPU and a Galaxy GTX 680 HOF graphics card, participants had to (obviously) aim for the highest scores.

Give that this event was mainly focused at the Chinese market it's quite difficult to figure out how things went down at the event exactly, but based on the HKEPC report we assume with a fair amount of certainty that the CPUs all clocked to aroud 6GHz and the graphics card topped out at 1.7GHz core frequency. Quite a by shy from the 2GHz that K|ngp|n has reached, but definitely not bad. HKEPC managed to hold of overclockers from Team China, X-Power and Extreme Player and went home with a prize of 10,000CNY (~ EUR1200 or USD1600). Congratulations!

For more information on the event, you can Google Translate the HKEPC report or check out Galaxy's official site

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